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 System conversion setups

Analysis of DMS bills, contract and usage     

Extract data to excel for quick review

Eliminate duplicate efforts

√ Consolidate tasks and automate  

Enhance set ups, eliminate errors

 Develop internal controls 

 Train team for optimum use of forms

 Set up quick reports to replace manual functions

Increase efficiency through specialized training

Use the system to eliminate costly paper while staying in compliance

 Customization to increase profitability

How to recoup your monthly DMS cost

System utilization is a vital part of the dealership's success.  Time is money, and many functions can be streamlined with the push of a button.  For an existing  system, a new facility or a conversion, the set ups are the life line.  Many times during a conversion or an existing system, a set up can be  slightly off costing the dealership lost dollars.  It could be several days, weeks, or even months before the "problem" is detected.