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Due Diligence - Over 100 key criteria for research in order to verify viability 

  • Vehicle Inventories - Physical Inventory performed on new, used and company vehicles
  • Parts Inventory – Coordinate vendor dates and observe
  • Fixed Assets – Physically inventory all assets and purify current list  
  • Insurance – Collect and review all insurance information in order to procure quotes and bind policies
  • Loan Packages – Assistance in loan package preparation
  • Factory Submission – Assist buyers with manufacturer application and approval
  • Licensing and Permits – Guide your team in license submission to all applicable state, county and city agencies
  • Review all existing employee pay plans, benefits and earnings 


  • Calculate and prepare all “due to/due from” as per the APA
  • Inventory inspection, calculations and reconciliations, floorplan take-out
  • Prorations
  • Prepare closing statement
  • Reverification of Fixed Assets
  • Assistance with DMS data conversion and URL transfer
  • List of pre- and post-closing reminders
  • Assignment of leases - data and documents are gathered and prepared for execution 

Post-Closing Services – buyer or seller

  • Set-up/close books
  • Vendor and indirect lending agreements
  • Manage funds to prevent co-mingling 

​​If you are buying or selling a dealership in today's market, it is critical to have a team that understands the complexities of the automobile retail environment.  A smooth, easy transaction would of course be the best scenario for both parties involved, but rarely are sales and acquisitions so simple. The PGA team, working hand in hand with your attorneys, brokers and in house staff, can provide valuable insight and solutions that may otherwise be overlooked. Your business is almost certainly the largest investment in your portfolio and you need the very best professionals to navigate through the process.   

​​​√ Our proven road map to a successful and efficient close will ensure a smooth start or a clean finish to daily business.

√ Eliminate time wasted on "non income producing activities"

√ The PGA team will ease the burden off your team so they can focus on current business.

√ Start your team off right, ready to sell and service vehicles from day one.