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Phyllis was born and raised in the auto industry at her Dad's used car lots.  She washed vehicles, applied undercoating, installed radios and stocked in parts.  Soon after, her Dad, Michael Picheco, was awarded one of the first Toyota franchises in the country in Brookfield, CT.   Several years later her Dad, sadly, passed away.  After working every position in the dealership except accounting, Phyllis was forced to learn all operations of the store.  A trial by fire for sure, but priceless experience that set the stage for the rest of her career.

Since then Phyllis has stayed true to her motto: "Protect the dealer's assets, one account at a time".  ​ From her experience with single point franchises to NASCAR race teams to mega dealer groups, Phyllis has never forgotten the fundamentals of the business that her Dad taught her so long ago.  

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OUR MISSION: To protect the Dealer's assets, one account at a time